Kellyanne Conway Suggests James Comey Should Be Brought In for Questioning, Get a Lawyer


Robert Mueller’s report, according to a summary by Attorney General William Barr, cleared President Donald Trumpand his campaign on any collusion with Russia. It did not make a determination on obstruction, though Barr and Deputy Rod Rosenstein concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue the matter.

“The failure to find obstruction means that no obstruction was written into the report for a reason. But let’s not forget where that came from. That came from leaks and accusations, I believe, started with Jim Comey,” she said.

“He specifically leaked information hoping that would draw an investigation…he’s doing something, aggrandizing himself, but maybe we’ll have to hear from here again. Maybe he should go get a lawyer. Maybe he should be brought in. Maybe you shouldn’t give the heroes welcome and the phony book tour,” Conway added.

Conway is not alone. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) also suggested for Comey to testify again in a tweet responding to the former FBI director:




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