This is the law and order party?’ CNN panel roasts GOP for fielding multiple convicted criminal candidates


During the panel, hosts John Berman and Poppy Harlow ran down the rogues gallery of criminal GOP candidates running for office — including disgraced former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former mining tycoon Don Blankenship, and convicted tax fraudster Michael Grimm — and asked guests Amanda Carpenter and Robby Mook what was going on with the Republican Party.

“He’s not hiding from it!” Harlow marveled. “This is the Republican Party — the ‘Law and order’ party — and yet you have multiple people running as Republicans that have been convicted of crimes.”

“This is Donald Trump’s Republican Party,” Mook replied. “The facts don’t matter and I don’t think the law matters for these folks anymore. The president has 100 percent enabled and nurtured this kind of behavior.”

“The Trump administration said, ‘Hey, you don’t have to obey court orders, you don’t have to go to trial,’” she said. “Pardoning someone without going to trial is nearly unprecedented and that hasn’t gotten nearly enough focus.”




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