Like a bad spy novel’: Investigative journalists tell MSNBC what oligarch sanctions mean for Paul Manafort



Yahoo News chief investigative reporter Michael Isikoff and Mother Jones capitol bureau chief David Corn, authors of “Russian Roulette,” appeared Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to explain the significance of the newly imposed economic sanctions.

“Take a step back, it’s almost like a bad spy novel,” Corn said. “The guy running the campaign, while he’s running the campaign, is having private conversations with a former Russian military intelligence officer about the campaign and how to get information to Deripaska.

Whatever he’s telling (Konstantin) Kilimnik can no doubt be give on the other people in Moscow — and it’s not insignificant because at the same time Moscow, throughout the summer, is attacking the United States. People call it meddling, I call it an attack.”

“Russians knew how the Trump campaign was thinking about this and whether they were upset about the Russian intervention or not, that would help them in how they move forward,” Corn added. “So this is like having a tremendous mole inside the presidential campaign.”




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