‘Is he losing it?’ Morning Joe panel shreds Trump for lying about Amazon — and GOP for letting him


The hosts of “Morning Joe” agreed that Trump was lying about Amazon’s business arrangement with the U.S. Postal Service, and they puzzled over the president’s motivations for driving down the company’s stock price through sustained Twitter attacks.

“I’m left with this question that some are asking,” Brzezinski said. “Is he losing it?”“We seem to be at the intersection of venality and senility, and you know, if it was a Venn diagram, this would be the section where those two circles overlap,”

Robinson said. “Because a lot of what he is saying these days, you know, leaving aside for a second the fact that it’s personally motivated lies concocted to damage somebody who he thinks is an enemy, but it also makes no sense. It simply makes no sense, and it has to assume that people have no idea how NATO works or have no idea how business works.”

“Is the president ignorant, or is he out and out lying again — telling a lie,” said co-host Joe Scarborough. “One of the things that bug me about Bill Clinton so much was he’d get on TV and he would lie. He knew he was lying, we knew he was lying, everybody in the administration knew he was lying. Donald Trump does that every single day.”


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