Lou Dobbs: Trump Prevailed Against ‘Evil Forces,’ His Foes ‘Writhing in Pain Today in the Bright Light of Truth’


Lou Dobbs opened his Fox Business show Monday night by talking about how efforts to “subvert” Trump’s presidency and “overthrow” him are at an end.

Attorney General Bill Barr wrote in his letter to Congress that Robert Mueller did not find evidence of collusion but did not reach a determination on obstruction of justice.

Dobbs, who railed against Mueller on several occasions, said that Trump “prevailed against the evil forces that, for a time, challenged the republic itself.”

Dobbs also spoke with RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, who said it’s “shameful” that there’s been a cloud over Trump’s presidency for almost two years.

She also brought up the media’s Russia coverage in particular, saying, “The media has been shameful, there needs to be a reckoning. I am glad that president has been found to have not colluded… but I do not want to gloss over what just happened over last two years. It has been dangerous for our democracy that we not had objectivity in our media enough to look at the facts of this case.”

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