Maddow: ‘I’m Expecting’ Trump Will Pardon Michael Flynn Sunday To Distract From Stormy Interview


This Sunday, 60 Minutes is going to airAnderson Cooper’s highly anticipated interview with porn star Stormy Daniels, in which she is expected to dish on her alleged 2006 affair with President Donald Trump. With the 60 Minutes episode expected to pull in huge ratings and dominate the national conversation following its broadcast, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is betting that the president will do something massive as a distraction.

“Heaven help us for whatever this president and this White House are going to do to distract us this weekend,” she stated.

“What do you do to distract from the second interview?” Maddow declared. “In the ‘You Have To Buy Me Tacos Staff Betting Pool’ on this, my pick is Mike Flynn early pardon. Pardon on early Sunday afternoon.”

“I’m expecting that’s what we’ll get,” she continued. “I have a square. Mike Flynn pardon and my timing early Sunday afternoon.”

Maddow went on to say that markets have plunged heading into the weekend due largely to Trump’s recent trade policy actions, but also because there is an expectation that Trump will do something “weird or dramatic” to distract from the Stormy interview.



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