Meghan McCain Confronts Authors of New Kavanaugh Book in Tense Interview: ‘People Think This is a Hatchet Job’


Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly were confronted by panelists of The View over the commotion surrounding their new book about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Pogrebin and Kelly have faced numerous questions about The New York Times‘ omission of a major detail from their book that Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct victim does not recall the incident. The authors took their media tour to The View on Tuesday — where Meghan McCain called the controversy “ground zero for why so many people mistrust the media,” and she asked Pogrebin and Kelly “how did this vital fact get left out?”

Kelly conceded that the Timesmade an “oversight” with their editing of the excerpt, but defended their work overall — specifically as it related to Deborah Ramirez’saccusations against Kavanaugh. This led to further questions on why Kavanaugh’s new accuser isn’t going public on her own, and why the Times didn’t do more to note Max Stier’s connection with Democrats.

“Can you understand why so many people think this is a hatchet job?” McCain asked.

The writers continued to defend the book.

“Everybody can kind of demonize him and everyone can kind of demonize these victims and the reality is somewhere in between, considerably more complicated, considerably more nuanced and that’s what we’re trying to portray in this book,” Pogrebin said.


Watch above, via ABC.

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