Meghan McCain whines about how hard it is to be a ‘Second Amendment person’ on ‘The View’


During the discussion about gun violence and the demand for safety, most of the panel of women were encouraging of the conversation about gun regulations. To her credit, Republican Meghan McCain tried to stay out of the discussion.

“You know, today is one of those days — I’m a big Second Amendment person, NRA member, this is one of the moments I don’t think it’s my turn to talk,” she said. “Everyone knows where I stand.

I don’t like the idea that somehow if you’re a Second Amendment person that you’re for gun violence. I do wonder if there are kids in Texas or maybe rural parts of the country who use guns to hunt or self-protection in one way or another.”

“I think that it sometimes it gets mixed up, that maybe you’re less empathetic, you’re less hurt, you’re less somehow affected by school shootings in one way or another,” McCain said of those opposed to gun regulation. “No law abiding gun owner wants anything like this to happen ever again, but there’s a lot of nuance in this subject and nothing divides america more and I felt it so much, being especially on this show, especially being the only person that I think comes from gun country.”




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  1. THe 2A people are not good people, they are NRA people and yes, they bear guilt and should feel guilty, but instead, they talk about “nuances” that don’t exist. That’s being full if it. When the 2A people talk about a republic to defend, they have in mind a fascist one. They will defend Trump if they have the guts when Mango Mussolini is legally ousted for crimes against the USA. Hell, they would side with the South in a new Cuvil War.

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