Mehdi Hasan Dresses Down Ex-Trump Adviser Stephen Moore For Claiming Trump Has a 180 IQ


Al Jazeera host Mehdi Hasan brutally dressed down former Trump campaign advisor Stephen Moore after he insisted that President Donald Trump has a “180 IQ.”

In a recent interview on Al Jazeera’s Head to Head, the two clashed over the president’s intelligence — but not before Moore conceded that Trump “should stop saying things that are untrue.”

“But he does say things that are untrue,” Hasan replied, which Moore agreed with.

“So he’s a liar?” the host pressed.

Moore responded by laughing and insisting that he would “never” say that and clarifying that “Trump is an exaggerator.”

“Trump can be a jerk in public, but he’s actually a really nice guy in private I mean I like Donald Trump a lot I’ve come to admire him,” Moore continued. “People underestimate his intelligence, I bet his IQ — some people are going to laugh at this — I think he’s probably got a 180 IQ the guy is amazing — his breadth of knowledge about world affairs. I want a guy who says it like it is, and sometimes does he stick his foot in his mouth.”

Amid some laughter from the audience over Moore’s presidential IQ claims, Hasan challenged his guest by pointing to some of Trump’s less-than intelligent moments:

“I think we can agree that people definitely voted for him because they didn’t see him as a conventional politician, but when you say breadth of a knowledge and high IQ, this is a man who thinks wind turbines cause cancer, thinks you can stop a hurricane with a nuclear weapon, thinks you need ID to buy a box of cereal, thinks England and Great Britain are the same thing, thinks Soviet Union just rebranded as Russia, these are things he says everyday.”

While sporting a nervous grin, Moore — who was Trump’s failed nominee for the Federal Reserve board — pushed back by saying he is not looking to “defend everything Donald Trump says.”

“I think one of the flaws of Donald Trump is he talks too much, I think actually Donald Trump would be better off to stop talking so much and let his record speak for itself,” Moore said.

During another segment of the interview, Moore struggled to respond after Hasan brought up several examples of Trump’s racist comments.



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