Mika Lambastes ‘Unhinged’ Trump For Misspelled Tweets: ‘You Have to Actually Hit the Keys to Spell the Word Right’


Mika Brzezinski absolutely went to town on Trump, moments after he fired off the errant dispatch. But the Morning Joe co-host wasn’t inclined to laugh about the Tweet — suggesting that it might be a hint that Trump is preparing to fire the special counsel.

“He’s renewing his attacks on Bob Mueller this morning in writing, in a series of misspelled tweets which should tell you something about state of mind,” Brzezinski said.

“Honestly, you have to actually hit the keys to spell the word right. And I’m thinking that at some point it appears to be a little bit unhinged to be tweeting wildly in the morning about the Special Counsel.

“Am I stepping out of line here?” Brzezinski asked the rest of the Morning Joe panel.

“You’re at least making the case for an auto correct function on Twitter,” said Willie Geist, dryly.




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