Morning Joe drops a bomb on Trump over his decimation of the government in just two years


During a discussion over the possibility that Donald Trump might face a viable primary opponent from the Republican Party, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough wondered where are all the GOP deficit hawks who should jump into the race after the president exploded the deficit.

Speaking with MSNBC regular John Heilemann, Scarborough — who was a deficit hawk when served in the House as a Republican representing Florida — pointed out that Trump has achieved something ignoble in just two years that the government previously spent centuries doing.

“You know, John Heilemann, it took the United States about 215, 220 years to rack up a $4 trillion debt,” he began. “Yeah, a couple of centuries to rack up that debt. Donald Trump by the end of his first term, in four years will rack up a $4 trillion debt.”

“You take deficits — you know, the reason I got into Congress is because of deficits and the national debt,” he continued. “There are still, I think, some small-government conservatives that vote in primaries. You take that, you take the fact that Donald Trump is a protectionist along the lines of, you know, liberal Democrats over the past 40, 50 years, the fact that he’s anti-NATO. The fact that he’s been against a lot of the alliances that helped us beat the communists, the Soviets and helped us beat the Nazis. It seems to me that even if somebody is politically swinging at windmills there will be Republicans that will want to go out and actually vote for someone who is conservative and not just illiberal.”

Watch below:

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