Morning Joe panel horrified by growing belief in ‘deep state’ conspiracy: ‘This is the gift we got from Trump surrendering to Putin’


The president and his right-wing allies — from Fox News hosts to InfoWars’ Alex Jones — have claimed Trump is the victim of a government plot to undermine his presidency and remove him from office, rather than the target of a law enforcement investigation of his political and business ties to Russia.

“America is an idea, it’s not a democracy, it’s not a republic before it is an idea,” said MSNBC analyst Mike Barnicle. “And the idea that 74 percent, according to the Monmouth University poll, believe there is a deep state run by a military-political intellectual hierarchy, apart from government, and this is the gift we’ve gotten from Donald Trump. This is the gift we’ve gotten from him surrendering to Vladimir Putin and causing chaos in the country.”

“I’ve spent much of my life reporting from countries in the Middle East where people believe that, that conspiratorial idea that politics is embedded,” Ignatius added. “If the United States is becoming a country like that, people have to fight for democracy. If most people think my vote is stolen, it doesn’t matter then you get into that it appeals to that feeling that people have and you begin to go over the edge, so I take that poll seriously.”



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