Morning Joe says Stormy Daniels has Trump running scared: ‘He has no response and he’s hiding’


The “Morning Joe” host said Trump hadn’t released a public schedule in nearly a week after the former porn actress described her sexual relationship with the president during a “60 Minutes” interview — and he said her attorney Michael Avenatti was eating Trump’s lunch.

“My gosh, this guy has done to Donald Trump — and Stormy Daniels has done to Donald Trump — what Donald Trump was able to do to people like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush and other political giants for a year and a half,”



Scarborough said, “and that is freeze them, tongue-tie them and get them trying to figure out, how do I respond to this — because he has no response and he’s hiding.”

“This president has always been a perpetual motion machine as it pertains to tweets, press releases insulting statements, whatever it took to keep the news cycle going,” Scarborough said. “He churned it up 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This week, since Stormy, silence.”


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