Morning Joe Sounds Alarm on John Bolton: Trump ‘Is Assembling a War Cabinet’


Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski kicked off a segment on the new hire by reading excerpts from fiancé and co-host Joe Scarborough’s op-ed on Bolton, which decries the Fox News commentator for his hawkishness.

“I think the president is assembling a war cabinet,” Jeremy Bash said. “To take a war to Bob Mueller, he’s got Joe diGenova. To take a trade war to China he’s got Larry Kudlow.”

“And now to actually have a real war he’s got John Bolton, and the only question is will we find ourselves in a military conflict vis a vis North Korea, or Iran, or both.”

John Heilemann added that Bolton has been consistent in his views: “It’s going to be unrestrained, it’s going to be interventionist, it’s going to be undiplomatic.”

“We are going to be in for a very rough, if not a calamitous time ahead.”

“This is a bucking bronco,” Brzezinski said.









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