MSNBC conservative blames physical threats against Stormy Daniels on Trump ‘thugocracy and sleaze’


On MSNBC Friday afternoon, one of President Donald Trump’s conservative critics said reports that adult film star Stormy Daniels’ reported claims that she has been physically threatened by people close to the president is what can be expected from the “thugocracy” that surrounds Trump.

“Some conventional wisdom is this has not yet become a political problem,” host Mitchell said of the continuing “drip drip drip” of Daniel’s allegations. “That people have discounted Donald Trump’s past relationships with women as part of the package because of  the “Access Hollywood” tape and they elected him, notwithstanding.

“Look, [Daniels’s attorney] Michael Avenatti has been very, very careful in not getting out over his skis,” he continued. “When he answered that question that definitively, I have to admit my eyebrows went up. Obviously, he’s teasing the 60 Minutesbroadcast. This is a significant potential, escalation in all of this and it reminds us of the different layers of sleaze in this administration, including the thugocracy.”

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