MSNBC Guest Says Trump Campaign Secretly Shopping Clips of Joe Biden Saying Racist Things


Time editor-at-large Anand Giridharadas blasted Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden for his “Thanksgiving uncle racism” in a segment on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Saturday, following-up on some of his tweets on the subject that had prompted a private response from a Trump reelection org.

His bottom line? Biden’s “milquetoast unconscious bias” and “kind of white default” are no “antidote” to Donald Trump‘s “outright white supremacy.”

In the clip above, Giridharadas explains his position, which he also tweeted about this week following the Democratic primary debate. In his tweets, he said that Biden’s answers on race, which created quite a controversy, were “disqualifying.” He elaborated to host Joy Reid.

“When you are running against a white nationalist, what you are going to do is you are going to neutralize the central issue in this race by putting forward someone who has simply not changed from the Mad Men era,” he said.

He told the story about being approached by a Trump campaign organization following his tweets on the topic, who messaged him privately to “try to share additional videos from other times about Joe Biden saying similar racist things.”

“Now, I’m not interested in amplifying Trump campaign talking points,” said Giridharadas, who then listed a host of those exact points.

“They are ready, they know this is a good issue for them. Because if they can show that, you know what, he’s kind of said a lot of things also,” he continued, “he kind of said white people don’t owe anything for the past in this country, he also said busing is a bad idea, he also has said you know some African American, one African American candidate is clean and articulate, apparently in contrast to others, he also said the thing about the Indian accent, he also gave a lot of women too many back rubs–It neutralizes the contrast, and they are very excited about this.”

“You know, that is an excellent point,” replied Joy Reid.



Watch above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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