MSNBC’s Joe and Mika bust Trump for bungling another Cabinet pick: ‘They’re not looking for quality’


The “Morning Joe” hosts reacted to reports that White House physician Ronny Jackson’s nomination to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs was in jeopardy as lawmakers review his personal and professional conduct.

“You don’t have to be one of those people that work at circuses and, look, ‘Hey, I can guess your weight,’” Scarborough said, mocking Jackson’s flattering health report on the president. “Donald Trump weighs a hell of a lot more than 239 pounds.”

“That was embarrassing,” he continued, “but the topper of it all, the piece de resistance, was when he said, it sounded like Hitler’s doctor — I’m sorry. You know what, his genes are so good …

he could live to be 200 years old. But seriously, remember when (Steve) Mnuchin was on stage, talking about Donald Trump’s superior genes. ‘He has superior genes, he has the best DNA of anybody I’ve ever met.’ The doctor did the same thing, saying his genetics, his genes, his DNA is so good that he could live to be 200 years old.”

“I don’t know what else they’re looking for, what more do you need to see to understand that he’s not the right guy for the job,” Geist said. “I’ve heard people around the White House saying finally, yeah, probably it’s time for him to go,

“It’s actually, even by Washington standards, the sense of entitlement we’re seeing here is absolutely staggering,” Geist said. “Somebody who rolls into Washington as the attorney general from the state of Oklahoma, comes in, and believes that he is,

I don’t know, secretary of state, head of the CIA, something larger position, more significant perhaps than the one he holds, and also doesn’t understand the job — which is the air and the water clean, not to be flying all over the world with your entourage.”

but President Trump doesn’t want to be told what to do by the press. He doesn’t want to be pushed into a corner.”



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