MSNBC’s Mika calls on Sinclair anchors to rebel against Trump — like she risked her job over Paris Hilton



Daniel Drezner, a professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, told “Morning Joe”

that Trump had signaled to media companies such as Sinclair Broadcast Groupthat he would reward them politically for positive coverage — and punish them for criticism.

“Don’t look at Sinclair as a media company, look at Sinclair as a company that wants to curry favor with the federal government,”

Drezner said. “Think about when in 2017, when you had companies bragging about opening up factories in the United States — which they were probably going to do anyway, but crediting Donald Trump with doing that, which allowed him to tweet it out, or think about the announcement of bonuses to workers after the tax bill was passed. Primarily that money went to share buybacks, but it was good PR and it was a win-win arrangement because companies could again curry favor with the Trump White House.”

“But this is about everything we’re about,” she said. “Right now everything is on the line, so you want to inspire fellow journalists to step up, and I believe that ones that do will last the longest time.”


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