MSNBC’s Mika flabbergasted by Trump ‘going rogue on himself’ on Fox & Friends: ‘He was acting crazy’


The “Morning Joe” co-host was worried by the president’s “high-pitched” tone as he ranted about the media and spoke freely about the various legal cases that involved him, and MSNBC’s John Heilemann agreed.

“He sounded like a person having a manic episode on national television,” Heilemann said. “The high pitch of the voice, the scratchiness, the palpitating quality of it.”

“Michael Cohen was shocked, disappointed and could not believe that Donald Trump was helping the other side on these two legal fights,” Scarborough said.

“He was acting crazy,” she said. “I’m talking about the president of the United States. Unless you don’t think that undermining multiple legal cases building against yourself and speaking extemporaneously in a high-pitched tone, without an ability to control yourself and stop talking, unless you don’t think that’s crazy, it really sounded absolutely crazy yesterday.”

“So who in the White House has — is anyone even with him when he’s doing these calls?” Brzezinski continued. “That’s a valid question, because usually when the president of the United States does a media interview, there’s preparation, there’s a circle of people around him — there’s a strategy. There are key words to focus on, there’s a message. This guy was just going rogue on himself.”





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