MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Stormy Daniels gives Mueller leverage to threaten ‘Manafort treatment’ against Michael Cohen


The “Morning Joe” host faulted CBS News’ Anderson Cooper for failing to follow up on several important questions, and Scarborough wondered why he hadn’t shown Daniels a photo lineup to identify the man she says threatened her infant daughter.

“I mean, it seems to me Anderson Cooper could have had two or three pictures he could have flashed up front of her face and said, was this the person would threatened you?” Scarborough said. “I think all of us around this table and just about everybody in Trump’s orbit or in Washington, D.C. could come up with a lineup of three, four or five people that Anderson Cooper should have shown her if you have a threat that’s out there like that. But that didn’t happen.”

“Doesn’t that give Bob Mueller an awful lot of leverage to talk to Cohen and say, ‘Hey, buddy, I’ve got you here already — if you would like to give you the Manafort treatment and dig in the last 20 years of your work, I can do or you can cooperate with me now,’” Scarborough said.

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