Nicolle Wallace blasts White House staffers for trying to defend Trump’s smears of McCain: ‘You work for a lunatic!’


Wallace noted that sitting Republicans have slowly come to the defense of the Trump foe, who’s been dead for seven months. Most, however, remain silent.

“One thing is becoming clear,” Wallace said. “Trump may be a man on an island with this one, even within his own administration.”

She cited a recent Politico report that no one in Trump’s White House wants to touch the ongoing feud.

“A current senior White House official said White House aides are making an effort not to discuss it in polite company,” the report revealed. “Another current White House official, bemoaned the tawdry distraction. ‘It does not appear to be a great use of our time to talk about George Conway or dead John McCain … Why are we doing this?”

Because you work for a lunatic!” Wallace exclaimed after reading the report.

Washington Post reporter Robert Costa agreed, noting Republicans are slowly backing away from Trump like he’s a rabid squirrel. However, “there’s also widespread acceptanc

“If you turn on Fox News or go to different outlets and Twitter, on conservative personalities, they’re saying President Trump has a point,” Costa explained. “And the Republican leadership, in their statement, are not calling out the president by name, only praising Sen. McCain. It underscored the president’s continued power in this party.”

Watch the full discussion below:

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