She has no soul’: Former associate of Dana Loesch accuses NRA spokesperson of auditioning for Trump job


Appearing on MSNBC’s AM Joy, a former Breitbart employee who worked with NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch when she wrote for the conservative website, accused her of being an opportunist just looking for a check and maybe a job in Donald Trump’s White House.“Kurt, what about the demonization, once again by Dana Loesch at CPAC on Thursday saying the media ‘likes and loves’ mass shootings for a very specific reason?” host Joy Reid asked the former conservative.


“I mean, this is a different dimension of idiocy that we’re seeing right now on display from people like Dana. There are no words,” Bardella began. “This is someone who clearly frankly has no soul, but is a paid mercenary who is happy to keep cashing a check from the NRA to spread ridiculousness.”

“To make the insinuation that anybody, anyone on this planet enjoys covering these types of terrible events …. I think the real controversy here is that the events keep happening and the message they’ve come up with is we actually need more guns in schools and this will go away,” the AM Joy guest continued. “In fact the kids are coming under fire from the crazy right.”




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