Oh Please’: Chris Wallace Demolishes Chaffetz to His Face Over Reason for Mueller Probe


Chaffetz predicted that “90 days from now, there is going to be an inspector general report that could be very damning about the highest echelons within the FBI and what they were doing,” and asked “how did it originate? How did they go to the FISA court and get…”

Well, wait, wait — no, no, no, no,” Wallace interrupted. “No, I’m not going to — yes, we’re not going to go there.

“It originated — it originated because Donald Trump fired James Comey,” Wallace said.

As the rest of the panel tried to join in, Wallace added “And then he said to Lester Holt on NBC, it’s the Russia thing.”

“He sure did,” panelist Juan Williams agreed.

Wallace told the panel to let Chaffetz respond, and Chaffetz  replied that “every single Democrat in this town wanted to fire James Comey. He had Rod Rosenstein…”

“Yes, but they didn’t [want to]fire him because of his involvement in the Russia investigation,” Wallace said.

“Oh, please,” Wallace said, scornfully, “he’d already decided to do that. He’d already decided. He was up at Bedminster the weekend before.”

“He has a constitutional opportunity and duty to do that,” Chaffetz said,

“That’s a different issue,” Wallace responded. “But he fired him because, he said, because of the Russia thing.

When Chaffetz protested and asked Wallace to “roll the tape,” Wallace said “We played the, the tape has been playing since May of 2017. He said Russia thing was part of it.”

As Chaffetz continued to spin his wheels, Wallace put a stop to it, telling him “You’re just eating into the next segment.”


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