Orrin Hatch to Fox Nation: Joe Biden Didn’t Believe Anita Hill Allegations During Clarence Thomas Hearings


Former Republican senator Orrin Hatch claimed Joe Biden “told me personally” that he did not believe Anita Hillwhen she accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment back in 1991.

In an upcoming documentary for Fox Nation, Hatch said he “didn’t mean to malign” Biden, but the ex-veep and Democratic 2020 candidate told him “I don’t know why” Hill came forward during Thomas’ nomination to the Supreme Court.

“Joe told me he didn’t believe her, and there are some others who told me that too,” Hatch said.

Hill’s allegations against Thomas had a resurgence of interest in the last year, ever since Brett Kavanaugh faced his own sexual misconduct allegations during his nomination to the Supreme Court. Hill has expressed disappointment for how history seemed to repeat itself with Kavanaugh, and the media’s focus on Kavanaugh’s alleged misconduct was renewed by The New York Times’questionable coverage of his reported antics at Yale.


Watch above, via Fox News.

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