Parkland Student Cameron Kasky Responds to Criticism from Kyle Kashuv, Calls NRA ‘Fearmongers’


Cameron Kasky and Delaney Tarr, two student survivors from the Parkland school shooting who have become prominent gun control activists since the February massacre, joined Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace to discuss the March For Our Lives demonstration the day prior.

“We are not trying to take everybody’s guns away,” Kasky said Sunday. “The NRA wants people to think that. They’re fear mongers: they want to sell weapons by exploiting people’s fears. So the second we want to put common sense regulations on these assault weapons, the NRA will say ‘They are trying to steal every single one of your guns!’”

Kasky said, “I think that’s the most pathetic thing I’ve seen out of this… They can’t attack our argument, so they’re attacking us personally.”






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