Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Dodges When Asked if She Accepts Mueller Finding No Collusion


Mueller’s report, according to a summary by Attorney General William Barr, cleared President Donald Trump and his campaign on any collusion with Russia. It did not make a determination on obstruction, though Barr and Deputy Rod Rosensteinconcluded there wasn’t enough evidence for an offense.

“Do you agree, do you believe, the conclusion that Robert Mueller made, that there is no evidence that the president or his associates colluded with Russia?” Hunt asked.

“Wikileaks, the dumping of emails, the conspicuous call to the president during his campaign from Roger Stone saying emails are about to dump,” she said.

“All of us on the Judiciary Committee want to be sobering and deliberate in our review,” she added, calling for the full Mueller report to be released.

“Ok but, again, do you believe Robert Mueller when he writes that there was no collusion? Do you accept that conclusion?” Hunt pressed.

“I think what I accept is that Robert Mueller did a very thorough job and he has made the assessment that there was no collusion, again that is not a legal term, it’s conspiracy, but his decision was based on a whole number of factors and investigations. And what I’m saying is, we in the Judiciary Committee want to review those documents,” Jackson Lee said.

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