These are Republicans’: Morning Joe delivers devastating takedown of Trump’s panicked ‘witch hunt’ yelps


The “Morning Joe” host pointed out that nearly every official involved in executing the search warrant was a Republican, and several were appointed by Trump himself.

“I know this will shock a lot of people that watch our show and that follow Donald Trump every day, but he said so many things yesterday that need a little bit of clarification,” Scarborough began.

“Just in case you want to know who these witches are, that Donald Trump says are coming after him, they’re Bob Mueller, a Republican, this is the conspiracy,” he said. “You’ve got Rod Rosenstein, who was screaming about yesterday.

He’s a life-long Republican, despite the fact that Donald Trump called him a Democrat from Baltimore. The attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who he was raging at — you and I both heard not only Donald Trump, but Jared Kushner (call him) the greatest, most stand-up guy, best Republican ever during the campaign. He, he is also this conspiracy, a Republican.”

“But you know one thing that Donald Trump doesn’t understand?” Scarborough said. “Is that every one of those Republicans that I named are Republicans, but they put their country and they put the rule of law above Donald Trump — and that is something that this man will never understand. Never.”




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