RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany gets asked to her face: ‘Do you think Trump slept with Stormy Daniels?’


During a panel discussion on Fox & Friends, host Ainsley Earhardt complained that “the media just can’t get enough” of Trump’s alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels — whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

“The media’s goal is to distract and destroy,” McEnany agreed. “If it’s not Stormy Daniels, it’s Russia collusion or the dossier — funded by Democrats. Their goal is to take down this president and distract from all his successes.”

“They already know who this man is,” Tarlov said as McEnany agreed. “They heard the Access Hollywood tape, they know that he has cheated on two — I guess three now of his wives allegedly. That know that he is that man and they are okay with it because they say they need a leader, not a preacher.”

“But I think it is a worthwhile story to cover,” she concluded. “If there was hush money paid and if there was intimidation and threats. And if this was reversed and if it was Barack Obama…”

“Jessica, this is ridiculous,” she grumbled. “Let’s look back to the 2016 accusers… This is another chapter of the same story. People can’t stand that this president is succeeding and so they have to manufacture stories and put them all over the mainstream media.”






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