Sarah Sanders faceplants when asked about vetting Ronny Johnson: Look back at John Kerry


In a Wednesday interview with Fox News, Sarah Huckabee Sanders struggled when questioned about President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“No change as of this hour?” Hemmer asked, knowing things change quickly in the Trump White House.

“Look, the president kind of left that up to Dr. Jackson to make that determination,” Sanders said. “At this point as the president said yesterday he is a great man. He hates to see him go through this process. It’s part of the reason I think most Americans hate Washington.

Washington has become so broken that they focus so much on destroying people they aren’t even talking about his qualifications to run the V.A.. they’re talking about personal character assassination.”

“We’ve seen it time and time again,” she claimed. “And I think that we really need to look at the way the process is handled. They did this with Director [Mike] Pompeo. Somebody, who is incredibly qualified, should have been moved forward much quicker and frankly with a lot more bipartisan support.

You have one of the most uniquely qualified individuals that’s coming in to take on the role of Secretary of State. Somebody who they unanimously supported in previous positions and they play political games.


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