Sean Spicer Says Trump Has An ‘Army Of Folks’ Who ‘Will Do Everything To Protect Him’


Former White House Press Secretary and current Dancing with the Stars star Sean Spicersays that President Donald Trump has “army of folks on the right that will do everything to protect him.”

On Saturday’s edition of Fox News’ Cavuto Live, host Neil Cavuto asked Spicer if he had ever suggested to Trump that he “cool it” with the insults he hurls.

Spicer replied that although he gave Trump that sort of advice, but added he thought Trump “generally was right” because the style has given Trump a “rock-solid base” that will “march through him thick and thin.”

“But you need more than that, right?” Cavuto said. “If you’re an independent, you need more than that.”

“You need an intensified base that is going to go out there through thick and thin, that is going to campaign for you, put up that yard sign, make the eight extra phone calls,” Spicer said, adding “and right now, he has created this army of folks on the right that will do everything to protect him. That’s much better than having a loose base with a bunch of folks at the top that are kind of with you.”

“And so, he has sort of traded the dynamic — and he traded this last cycle and won, and everybody told him, you can’t do it like this,” Spicer said. “He did it, he pushed aside all of the political pundits, all of the experts, and he won. And he won with states that we hadn’t won since ’88.”

Spicer was ostensibly speaking metaphorically of an “army” that would “do everything to protect” Trump, but Trump himself has recently suggested that his impeachment would lead to civil war, and on Friday night, Fox anchor Trish Regan — in quavering tones — equatedprotests at a Trump rally with our nation’s bloodiest conflict. Then she introduced guest Steve Bannon.


Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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