Seth Meyers Destroys Trump For Wacky Easter Egg Roll Speech: It’s Like ‘He’s Trying to Distract a Security Guard’


President Donald Trump‘s wildly inappropriate Easter egg roll speech on the White House lawn was perfect fodder for Seth Meyers, and he took the opportunity with gusto.

“What are you talking about?” he yelled at the camera after a clip of Trump rambling about “$700 billion going into our military.”

“I’m shocked that children didn’t start booing. ‘STOP MAKING US THINK ABOUT THE MILITARY! WE WANT EGGS!’”


“Trump talks like he’s trying to distract a security guard while his friend steals a vase,” Meyes quipped, slipping into a Trump impression. “‘And then sometimes we call it tippity-toppity shape. Or tippy-shippy. Or tip-tap ship-shap.’”


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