Stormy Daniels’ attorney Avenatti delivers warning to Trump: ‘No amount of money’ will make her go away


Appearing on CNN, combative attorney Michael Avenatti asserted that, despite a legal set back on Thursday, his pursuit of allowing Daniels to speak frankly about her relationship with Trump is going according to plan.


“No amount of money.” Stormy Daniels’ lawyer says she would not accept a settlement. “This really isn’t about the money … This is about a search for the truth,” he says.
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“What do you want from President Trump?” the CNN host asked.

“We want him to come clean, for Mr. Cohen to come clean, about this $130,000 payment,” the attorney explained. “About what he knew, when he knew, and what he did about it.”

“If President Trump today called you and said, ‘You’ve been at horn in my side this annoying to me, I have bigger business to attend to — how much do you want, I’ll write you a check?” Camerota pressed.

“I don’t think there is a number, I really don’t,” Avenatti confessed.

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