Stormy Daniels Mocks Trump For Denying He Knew About NDA: ‘I’m a Better Actress Than He is’


Daniels appeared on the show with her attorney Michael Avenatti, who said he was flabbergasted by Trump’s claims.

“It shocked me because, you know, it’s one thing to be undisciplined in life, it’s another thing to be undisciplined in litigation,” Avenatti said.

“And when you have a client that is undisciplined like that and just spouts off, that’s a very dangerous thing when he’s involved in a lawsuit, and what’s ironic to me about this is that’s a Thursday, and then on Monday,

the attorney that he told the American people they could ask the questions to, that attorney’s offices and home is raided by the FBI. That’s a pretty shocking chain of events in a very short period of time.”




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