STORMY SUNDAY: Where to Watch And What to Expect From The Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes


In the interview, with Anderson Cooper, Daniels is expected to dish on her alleged affair with President Donald Trump. Weeks before the 2016 election, Stormy — real name Stephanie Clifford — signed a nondisclosure agreement in exchange for $130,000 to keep quiet about an affair she claims she had with Trump in 2006.

“We will not be going away any time soon,” Avenatti told The Daily Beast in a report out Sunday. “If they [in Trumpworld]are upset about what has transpired over the last two weeks, they are really going to be upset when they see what is going to transpire over the next few months—because the last two weeks haven’t been a warm-up lap.”

The episode, which was recorded earlier this month, will air despite Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen’s efforts to thwart it with a restraining order.



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