The evidence is now incontrovertible’: NSA head McMaster undercuts Trump over Russia election meddling


“President Trump spent more than a year calling it a hoax, a witch hunt and a total scam, but now special counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 13 Russians for interfering with the 2016 election,” CNN’s Rene Marsh explained Saturday.

CNN played a clip from the Munich Security Conference, where McMaster spoke shortly after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who said claims of election interference were “just blather.

“As you can see with the FBI indictment, the evidence is now really incontrovertible and available in the public domain, whereas in the past it was difficult to attribute for a couple reasons,” McMaster concluded.

“First, technically, it was difficult. But second, you didn’t want to divulge your intelligence capabilities,” McMaster continued, “but now that this is in the arena of a law enforcement investigation, it will be very apparent to everyone.”

“Well, these comments from the president’s top national security adviser come after months of President Trump calling the investigation a witch hunt and a hoax,” CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip explained.

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