The View Rips Trump’s Retweet of False Ilhan Omar 9/11 Smear: ‘He’s Threatening Her Life’


The View disapproved of President Donald Trump’spromotion of a false claim that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar(D-MN) went out dancing on the anniversary of 9/11.

Trump drew outrage this week by retweeting a right-wing provocateur who took a video that was filmed on September 13th and claimed it showed Omar partying on September 11th. As the panel reacted, Joy Behar set the tone for the conversation by calling out Trump for “putting [Omar’s] life at risk” with his lie.

“I’m shocked Twitter hasn’t taken that down his tweet,” Sunny Hostin agreed, “because he’s threatening her life!”

Abby Huntsman got in by saying she “hates” the president’s tweets, but doubted Trump will stop since he’s “obsessed” with going after certain people.

“I do think he threatens people’s lives and it can very dangerous and it’s really harmful to our democracy as a whole, but he’s not going to stop,” Huntsman said.

“He needs to,” Hostin replied.

Meghan McCain assessed that some political figures are good at Twitter and use it harmlessly, “but President Trump does it so many times in a hurtful way, in a way that’s disrespectful and beneath the presidency.” She also doubts that will ever change though.


Watch above, via ABC.

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