Trump ‘can’t win the presidency without foreign interference’: Nicolle Wallace says he ‘called the Code Red


MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace said President Donald Trump’s admission of discussing Joe Biden with the president of Ukraine was like a famous scene from the 1992 movie “A Few Good Men.”

“From Russia if you’re listening to Ukraine, take out Joe Biden for me, will you? Donald Trump making clear that he can’t win the presidency without foreign interference and doesn’t have any interest in trying,” Wallace reported. “Donald Trump essentially confessing to the conduct in question, admitting that he urged the Ukrainians to investigate Joe Biden and all but confessing to connecting U.S. aid dollars — or in Trump’s words ‘money’ — to the request to investigate Biden.”

Wallace suggested Trump’s admission was similar to a famous courtroom scene in “A Few Good Men.” In the movie, Tom Cruise’s character is cross-examining a Marine colonel played by Jack Nicholson and famously gets the colonel to admit ordering a “Code Red” — a violent extrajudicial punishment that resulted in the death of a Marine.



“Donald Trump seeming to confirm everything that [The New York Times] and The Washington Postand the Wall Street Journal has reported since Friday basically, that Donald Trump called the Code Red. Donald Trump asked the Ukrainians to investigate Joe Biden,” Wallace noted.


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