Trump Lawyer: We Would ‘Fight Very Aggressively’ to Stop Release of Trump’s Written Answers to Mueller


Sekulow spoke to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Monday about the summary of Mueller’s findings as reported by Attorney General William Barr. Trump never gave an interview to Mueller, but he did submit written answers to a series of questions from the special counsel. Sekulow was asked on CNN if he plans on releasing those answers.

“That would not be a position that I would want, to just make a statement where we would release confidential communications that took place between the President of the United States and the Department of Justice or the Special Counsel’s office,” Sekulow said. “I would fight very aggressively for that information not to be released.”

Sekulow continued to argue for the confidentiality of Trump’s statements, saying the president doesn’t want to waive privileges or investigative details when there’s no court order or agreement with investigators compelling him to do so.

“It’s not a simple ‘wave your hand and we release the documents,’” Sekulow said. “That would be very inappropriate.”



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