Trump Promotes Maria Bartiromo Report Based on IG Office LEAK: ‘Thick as a Telephone Book’


President Donald Trump and his political and media allies have long railed against what they deem to be illegal leaks from government officials. On Wednesday morning, however, Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo appeared to report new information from the office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz that can only have been derived from… a leak.

The moment in question came during Wednesday morning’s episode of Fox Business Network’s Mornings With Maria, a portion of which was clipped by Twitter user @michaelbeatty3, who self-identifies as “American, Husband, Dad, Grandpa- Cigars & Rock & Roll, Guitar Player, Songwriter” according to his Twitter bio.

The tweet above was then promoted by President Trump’s very powerful Twitter feed.

Bartiromo recently challenged Rudy Giuliani on the progress of the Inspector General’s report asking “where are the indictiments” in what seemed like an expression of frustration in the delay.

At issue is Horowitz’s second investigation surrounding Russian interference, this lookingat the “FBI and Justice Department’s filing of four FISA Applications and renewals to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and whether or not there was an abuse of this FISA process.”

Bartiromo noted that it “feels like every time you’re about to get the Horowitz report out and something else happens and there’s another delay.” She then revealed how she “spoke with sources yesterday and they told me that this is a big as the telephone book –  the Horowitz book – they are expected to be out on the 18th in about 2 weeks, I did get that specific from one of my sources yesterday. Thick as a telephone book.”

Bartiromo did not reveal any qualifying data about who her sources might be, so it literally could be anyone. Nonetheless, she promoted that leaked information, which stands it in stark contrast to much of the criticism leveled at the media from pro-Trump outlets like…Maria Bartiromo.



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