Trump will poke Democrats in the eye’ and nothing will get done before 2020: MSNBC host


Despite holding both houses of Congress, the Republicans have struggled to get much done. Aside from their tax bill, no meaningful legislation has moved forward. Meanwhile, Trump ushered in the longest government shutdown in American history in a fight over his border wall.

When Democrats took over Congress in 2018, they started work on government accountability legislation and voter protections, though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell isn’t likely to allow a vote on legislation the House passes.

Todd noted that Trump isn’t really interested in long-term issues. His panel agreed, noting that the president tends to live in the moment and doesn’t look beyond the day.

Politico writer Jake Sherman revealed that Republicans have said to him that they’ve been living under a cloud of impeachment and they’re grateful they feel like they have a “legitimate presidency.”

“And I’ve had Republicans say that to me in the last 24 hours,” Sherman said. “Finally, we feel like we’re existing without this cloud.”

Todd asked if Democrats would do deals with Trump now that the investigation is over.

“If there is a deal on infrastructure, I think they would do it,” said Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur. “If there is a deal to be made. I don’t think there is any if much legislating to be done.”

Kapur agreed, noting that the report must be released because it will prompt the country to ask why it hasn’t been and if they’re hiding something.

Watch the panel discussion below:

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