‘The View’ devolves into chaos on Stormy Daniels when Meghan McCain admits she doesn’t understand the point


Co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin were floored that President Donald Trump was open to admitting his affair with Stormy Daniels in the latest filing moving his case to federal court. But it was Meghan McCain who couldn’t understand what the point was in Daniels speaking out.

“What do we want to know? Because — is it Occam’s razor? Of course,” McCain asked. “Is it highly likely he slept with a porn star, 1,000 percent. What I want to know going forward, her PornHub searches have spiked 375 percent following the weeks after the Wall Street Journal report. She put out this political press tour, to which I was unimpressed, not because she’s a porn star but because she came on TV and just giggled.

I want to know going forward, if she’s threatened, if she knows something about the Mueller investigation, if she knows something about our national security, great. But what are we interested in?”

“I don’t even know what I want to know, but because he keeps doing things, it makes me think there’s something I should know,” Sara Haines confessed.

“It’s campaign finance laws,” former prosecutor Hostin explained. “If he paid $130,000 to hush her up, you know, right before the election, I think as the American people we should know if that money was used.”



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