The View Excoriates Betsy DeVos After Disastrous Interviews: ‘What’s She Been Doing This Whole Time?’


Whoopi Goldberg started off by zeroing in on DeVos’s admission that she has not visited underperforming schools.“Call me crazy, but what’s she been doing this whole time?” she said.

“After the confirmation hearings and how much struggle she had getting in, and people saying ‘you weren’t prepared’ That part, you forgive her once, but you don’t forgive her twice,” Haines said. “The idea that she didn’t research this before sitting down with [60 Minutes correspondent] Leslie Stahl, I’d at least have a cheat sheet.”

Meghan McCain added, “It is endlessly frustrating to see someone who’s in charge of this go on TV in front of Leslie Stahl and basically say, ‘I don’t know anything about my home state.’”

“But she doesn’t know,” Sunny Hostinreplied.

“I don’t know if she doesn’t know or she choked,” McCain said.






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