The View hosts unanimously agree Trump’s opioid plan is crap: ‘He’s incapable of understanding anything’


President Donald Trump said Monday in a speech that he fully intends to give the death penalty to drug dealers. However, the women of “The View” noted that the opioid addiction is rooted in big pharma and doctors who over-prescribe opioids.

“He’s such a simple thinker,” co-hose Joy Behar said. “His solution is build a wall. Lock ’em up. Kill them. He never understands what causes an opioid addiction. What makes people commit any kind of crime. He never goes beyond the superficial. He’s incapable of understanding anything that’s not right in front of him and he loves. We all know he loves a dictator. Maybe they do this in the Philippines, I don’t know, possibly.”

“When you’re criminalizing people for having a small amount of pot and it’s legal,” McCain noted. “By the way, in five years, it will probably be legal entirely across the country. The impression of prescribing and taking vicodin versus possibly using cannabis oil in one way or another is totally crazy, totally out of whack. Especially with cancer patients now.”

“It’s the old war on drugs didn’t work,” Hostin cut in. She noted the so-called war “disproportionately affected people in the latino and African-American communities.” Trump, she said, is trying to do the same thing, which she called “dog whistle politics” of simply putting specific people in jail and giving them the death penalty.

“He’s thinking of a different profile of a drug dealer,” she said.

Goldberg alleged Trump wasn’t thinking at all, “because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That’s the problem.”








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