The View Mocks Trump’s Kudlow Hire: ‘Everyone at This Table is Qualified’ to Work in White House


President Donald Trump‘s latest addition to his team – CNBC’s Larry Kudlow as senior economic adviser – has The View raising eyebrows.

“The latest staff member was once again picked right off the television, so the new top economic adviser at the white House is [Friends actress] Lisa Kudrow,” Whoopi Goldberg joked.

“He just picks people from TV. Everyone at this table is qualified to work in the Trump Administration,” Joy Behar quipped.

“That does kind of instill a little bit of faith but one thing I’ve noticed is he brings in people to fix the swamp or to drain it, but if you don’t know a place, you can’t fix it,” Sara Haines offered. “By that I mean anyone that’s ever gotten a new job, there’s a learning curve. You can’t tweak it, cut budgets, you can’t do anything until you know who’s who, what they do, what’s necessary, what’s not.”

“I can say thank you for that because, you know, now we can at least argue with economics with someone who can actually explain what they’re doing or you can question them and they won’t look at you like they don’t know,” Goldberg agreed.



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