The View Unanimously Backs Michelle Wolf Amid WCHD Uproar: People ‘Clutching Their Pearls’ Are Hypocrites


It should be noted that resident conservative Meghan McCain was absent on Monday. But the rest of the panel — including McCain sub Ana Navarro — all believed Wolf simply did her job.

“Everything [Wolf] said was based in truth and in facts,” Sunny Hostin said. She added, “Perhaps thats not what [conservative critics of Wolf’s set]like.”

Navarro, for her part, blasted “the hypocrisy of people today who are clutching their pearls.”

And Whoopi Goldberg said, “I chuckled a lot. Because I thought, ‘Seriously, guys? Now you’re pissed off? This is what offends you?’ It’s good to know we found the thing that will make you cringe.”


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