The View’s ex-prosecutor Sunny Hostin calls BS on Meghan McCain for smearing James Comey as a leaker


One GOP talking point trashing former FBI Director James Comey is in alleging that he is “a leaker” for releasing his notes and memos of his meetings with President Donald Trump.

“He delivered the information in much the same way that investigators deliver an investigation. I was in my office dozens, if not hundreds of times, where you have an FBI agent come and tell you these remarkable things in that sort of deadpan voice.

Yes, he had little hands and yes his tie was too long,’” Former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin explained with no expression. “I mean, that’s how they deliver this information. It struck me as very credible when he said that Trump asked for his loyalty, I believe him.

When he said that Trump — that the memos that he released as a private citizen because he felt it was necessary, I believed him.”

“He seems to love the media,” McCain said, parroting a talking point repeated twice by Kellyanne Conway Monday. “Which is fine if you’re doing what we do, but not when you’re the head of the FBI.”

There’s also his leaking as well,” McCain later said. “Because he leaked through his friend who is a Columbia professor. I’m sorry, but –”

“But he was no longer an FBI official,” Hostin explained again.

“Leaking is a cardinal sin in all forms of politics,” McCain said. “And it sure as hell is in the FBI — in or. And I will say, if you have some information to say have the cojones to do it on TV. Let it come out of your own mouth, not some lawyer that is now apparently working for you but wasn’t at the time. There are way too many conflicts like this, and if you are leaking anything, in or out out in any situation in politics, it is a cardinal, cardinal sin.”

“I think that we have started using that term across the board,” Hostin said. “A leak is when you’re a government official–”

“I know what a leak is,” McCain cut in.

“But maybe the audience doesn’t and maybe the viewers don’t,” Hostin said. “A leak, in my definition of it, is when you have a public official, a government official sending out confidential information. This alleged ‘leak’ was Comey giving a memo of his recollection when he was a private citizen to his friend and having his friend release that information. That is not a government leak.”

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