The View’s Joy Behar smacks Meghan McCain for whining about Melania Trump joke: ‘You have no sense of humor!


The View’s Joy Behar schooled Meghan McCain on the art of the joke Thursday after the conservative panelist complained about a quip Behar made that invoked First Lady Melania Trump.

“What was mean about it?” Behar demanded. “What was mean about it, Meghan? Tell me what was mean.”

McCain brought up a segment on Wednesday during which the co-hosts “all talked about how we collectively like Melania.”

“I do like her!” Behar replied.

“You’re making fun of her!” McCain shot back.

“I’m not making fun of her,’ Behar said, “You know what? You have no sense of humor.”

McCain tried to explain why she does, indeed have a sense of humor but just “feels bad for our first lady” who “understands how bad this is” and knows her husband is “a jerk.”
“I wish you would understand who the target of my jokes is,” Behar said.

McCain noted the “audience didn’t laugh either,” prompting Behar to quip, “so it was a bad joke then, so sue me—put me in jail!”
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  1. Myjken Roberson

    I guess Meghan is too young to remember all the jokes and mean things that were said about Hillary “standing by her man” when all the stuff came out about her husband while he was in office. I felt bad for Hillary and I feel bad for Melania because everyone everywhere knew/knows what their husbands have/ had done. Think about it, anywhere they go in the world people know.

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