The View’s Whoopi Goldberg calls out Meghan McCain for always playing the victim on show


Frequent viewers of the ABC show “The View,” know that conservative Meghan McCain frequently complains about the difficulty of being a Republican commentator on the show.

“There’s a feeling that the media, particularly the people in D.C. hate the people in the middle of the country,” she said. McCain also argued it’s a “big fat gift” to the GOP to attack the middle of the country in that way.

“It might be a big fat gift to the Republicans but I take issue with you saying that we hate the middle of the country,” Whoopi Goldberg said.

“I didn’t say you,” McCain said back.

“But the implication –” Goldberg responded while McCain talked over her.

“But, I’m talking about how conservatives and Republicans interpret this,” McCain explained.

“Now you’re blaming the audience?” Behar asked. McCain swore she wasn’t and brought up Acosta again.

“Yes, but sometimes I think conservatives and Republicans forget that the tone of all of this really began really, you know, several years ago with Republicans making statements that felt quite not-inclusive,” Goldberg said.

We do all this stuff and then we get somebody who comes in and begins this dialogue — I think I brought this up, there was a poll that came out worldwide that journalists are now almost an endangered species,” she continued.

“People don’t believe that journalists are telling the truth. They don’t believe that people actually do what they’re supposed to do in the news and they believe that everybody is lying. So now, when you have people who are actually lying, when you actually see the lie and you can prove it, what are you supposed to do?”

“How are you supposed to say to somebody, ‘is this a lie or is this not a lie?’” she wondered. “Because we have to make a decision as Americans. Not everybody in the media is bad. Not everybody in the administration is bad.

So me people have actually tried to make stuff work. So I think that the correspondents’ dinner, became about celebrities because they were bored with themselves. They’re the ones who invite the celebrities to come.”






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