WATCH: Cable News Pundits Speculate Wildly About the Mueller Report Hours Before It’s Finally Submitted


Over on Fox News, Chris Wallacereminded viewers how former Trump lawyer John Dowd had predicted at one point this whole thing would be over by Thanksgiving 2017.

Wallace noted this is just the “latest fever” from Washington and everyone’s been at “DEFCON 3” for weeks now. “At some point, the prediction that it’s coming out today will be true.”

Shepard Smith said it feels a little different today, but added, “Who the heck knows?”

Over on MSNBC, Nicolle Wallacesaid, “We’ve all got our phones in front of us, because we really are in this moment where anything could happen at any time. Our viewers are, I think, growing impatient with this idea that we’re all on Mueller alert, but we’re on Mueller alert because the White House is on Mueller alert because the attorney general is on Mueller alert.”

And over on CNN, Brianna Keilarnoted the anticipation from Trump’s team––particularly Rudy Giuliani, while Bill Kristol said he doubts we’re getting a report today… “unless Robert Mueller just really wants to torment all the employees of CNN, MSNBC, and everyone else to make them stay at work till midnight or something like that.”

The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasanadded that no matter what’s in the report, Trump will say it’s good.



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