WATCH: CNN’s April Ryan drops the hammer on Trump defender as she laughs off his ‘attack the press schtick’


Referring to Trump’s raucous Pennsylvania rally on Saturday night, where the president once again encouraged his followers to to boo the fake media, host Brian Stelter asked journalist Salena Zito if it bothered her.

“I wonder, Salena, when you’re there at the rally, is it ever uncomfortable when “the fake news media’ is being booed?” the CNN host asked.


“It’s part of the shtick. I don’t think anybody felt unsafe when it happens,” the conservative journalist responded. “So it’s hard to unpack, in that it’s part of his deal, it’s sort of like the ‘Lock her up.’ You can’t lock her up anymore because he’s not running against her. So this is a continuation of reminding his voters that people are against him and he is there for them. And also, he speaks in such a stream of consciousness.”

Seeing Ryan grimace, Stetler asked her to respond.



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